Shalay Kennels

Boarding & Training

We Will Teach Your Dog To Mow Your Lawn!


Owned and Operated by Dick and Marcella McKenney. Training since 1949 and specializing in temperament problems. Shalay Kennels has indoor and outdoor training facilities with a one half mile wooded trail, set up for obedience, carting and agility. This trail is one of a kind and you will see an obvious improvement in your dogs behavior with just one trip thru. Shalay's boarding is limited to fifteen runs, air conditioned and heated inside, and twenty-five foot outside exercise runs. Enough room for your dog to open up to full speed and stop before the end of the run.

When you board your dog at Shalay, your dog is exercised on the trail with some training at no extra charge. Shalay offers training for Obedience, and Conformation. Classes, private lessons, or group seminars which ever you prefer. Shalay also offers group camping/training weekends that has been a treat time (summer only).

You are invited to join Shalay training classes for some very interesting, serious training. You will train your dog to be SOCIALLY ACCEPTED, not a SOCIAL EMBARRASSMENT. (Dogs of all sizes, big or small.) Any breed is welcome.

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