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With only fifteen indoor/outdoor runs, we allow ourselves enough free time to spend with your dog. We do not allow any inexperienced person to work with your dog. There are no accidents with dogs - only mistakes and inexperience make mistakes.

Whether your dog is here for two nights or two months, the dog is only worked by an experienced dog person. Your dog is exercised, trained, and groomed on our one half mile training trail (weather permitting).

The trail is setup with obstacles used for agility, everything necessary for drafting and obedience. There is also a similar setup in the training building where professional dog people with no less than twelve years of training experience will be with your dog.

Your dog's stay at Shalay Kennels is without stress. Your dog will be kept warm or cool indoors with plenty of fresh air outdoors in a 25' exercise run. Your dog will be exercised and trained by experienced people. TRAINING SINCE 1949.

 Boarding Rates

Per Day

$15.00 TO $17.00 PER NIGHT - Pricing determined by size of dog.